bed time routine

Can anyone help me out with this, how can I get my child to respect bedtime?
What I did when my children were small was I made a very clear bedtime routine. We would start with bath time then put on pajamas and brush their hair, after that they brushed their teeth and go potty. When the getting ready for bed was done they would go pick which baby (that's what my kids called their stuffed animals) they were going to sleep with and what story we would read and lay in bed. Once they were in bed I would come turn on the little lamp on their dresser and turn off the overhead light and we would read a story after the story was over it was lights out. It took them a little while before they stopped trying to get up after lights out but once we had done this routine for awhile they knew what to expect and things got easier. My best advise would be start a bedtime routine and stay consistent.

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