12 year old and makeup!

Hi, my daughter is 12 years old she is very intelligent has good grades and pretty much follows directions. When she was 11 she started showing an interest in wanting to wear makeup so I decided to allow her to wear lip gloss and told her we would discuss it again when she turned 12. Well she turned 12 and now she has started asking again. What do you think would be appropriate for a 12 year old to wear for makeup? I'm thinking maybe a light eye shadow maybe tinted lip gloss and a little blush. I really don't want her wearing to much it seems girls are growing up too quickly and i want her to realize for herself that she doesn't need makeup. I also don't want her doing what I did at that age and putting on makeup at school behind my moms back. Any suggestions on what a good compromise may be?
My daughter is also 12 and our situations are similar. With my daughter she is allowed to wear some light eye shadows (mommy has to approve) lightly tinted lip gloss and clear or brown mascara ( we started with only clear). At home when she will not be going out I allow her to experiment a little with some colors other than what are approved for when she goes out and some lipstick and a light blush. On special occasions when she wants to look a little more glammed up I do her makeup so it isn't overdone. All in all allowing her to have a little say in it she has realized she doesn't really like wearing makeup (she does like using it to do special effects type stuff).

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