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Hi Guys,
So my daughter is an only child and at her school they have an after school program that she keeps asking me to sign her up for. My mom lives with me and picks her up from school everyday so there really isn't a reason she needs it (some of the kids don't have someone to pick them up until after their parents get out of work). I'm wondering if being at home with grandma is making it tough for her when it comes to socializing with kids her own age so I was kind of thinking we should sign her up for this year and see how it goes. The program has different stations throughout the children's time there. One station is homework, one is outdoor play, one is indoor play (board games or painting etc.) What do you think should we try it?
My story is similar to yours. My youngest is not an only child but she is the only one living with me ( my older two live with their father). Last year when my daughter was in first grade we put her in after school program to try it out. In the beginning it was great. she came home with most of her homework done had a good time and didn't complain much. After the first few months we started to have problems. She viewed after school program as her own personal social hour. She stopped following the coaches instructions she would bother other kids that were trying to do homework we had talk after talk about behavior and expectations at after school program and consequences should she continue to not follow instructions. She would do well for a few days then go back to not following directions so this year I decided to keep her out of after school program and was told she will have to wait this year out and if she wants to go back maybe we'll try again this year. Personally i think she does better at home without the distraction of her peers but that is just my opinion. I've seen other children that seem to do much better when they are put in an after school program. I say give it a trial run discuss expected behavior and homework expectations beforehand and also that if things aren't going well her time in after school program will not continue.

Best wishes

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