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Rules for are subject to change so please check periodically to make sure you still know the rules or to see if there have been any updates.

How Members conduct themselves.
How members conduct themselves is very important! We want this to be a fun safe place for parents to get information and have discussions. Members are expected to be respectful at all times. Please treat others as you are having a conversation with them face to face ( more often than not people seem to abuse the anonymity they have while online and treat people badly). Please take in to account often times it is difficult to interpret things when typed as opposed to spoken so please lets all do our best to reread our posts before submitting to make sure they are written the way you intended so they can not be misconstrued by others.

The following types of behavior will not be tolerated on

Starting or contributing to wars between members (having a healthy debate is fine)
Attacking others for their views or beliefs
Dergotory language of any kind
Spamming (either by posts or private messages)

Have Respect

When posting on please remember we are a diverse group of parents all seeking the best for our children. With that in mind although you may not agree with everyone's beliefs and view we ask that you have respect and not put anyone down. Every parent has the right to have their beliefs and views and we are here to share ideas not upset anyone. If you cannot find something nice to say or convey your own contrary beliefs in a respectable way please refrain from saying anything. Having a healthy debate about contrary views or beliefs is fine but it should never come down to name calling or shaming someone else.

Having respect for staff is also important. Moderators are here to uphold the rules so members are expected to observe request made by moderators without conflict. You are always able to discuss any issues you may have with the moderator as long as it is done respectfully. If you choose to be disrespectful to a moderator either on a public forum or in a private message you will be removed from


Like previously stated we all have our own views and beliefs and that is great, but is not a place to advocate. You can share your views and beliefs just please let others decide for themselves what is best for them and their family. In saying that it is fine to say things such as " I'm glad I chose to breastfeed" but it is not ok to say things like " mothers who formula feed are bad mothers"

No solicitation or advertising.

If you own a business or are a representative of a company it is only normal that you would want to promote yourself. Unfortunately is not the place for that. If you are selling something relating to children or looking to buy things from other parents we do have a section for buy/sell/trade please keep posts about buying or selling things in that category and site appropriate.


Please be aware there should only be one user per account. If users are found to be sharing an account the account will be permanently disabled.

Consequences for violating the rules.

Depending on the nature of the violation any of the following may occur:

Edit or removal of your post
Suspension of your account
Permanently banned from